tridosha - Do you understand the Doshas?

As previously discussed we now know that within Ayurvedic science there are three definitive and distinctive Dosha’s that correlate with certain body types. Vata’s are slender and struggle to add muscle and weight to their frames, Pitta’s are averagely shaped and gain muscle mass easily when they engage in physical activity and lastly Kapha’s who are bigger boned and put on weight easily.

Now that you have established some information about the different Dosha’s and can perhaps make an informed guess about which Dosha is dominant within your own body type, it is also possible to relate them to other individuals. Perhaps see if you can try to identify Pittas, Vattas or Kaphas within your family unit, or a circle of friends or colleagues.

See if you can spot members of the public in order to make an informed guess about their predominant Doshas and in the long run make better sense of what you have learnt about the Dosha’s so far.

Every Dosha comes with the risk of particular imbalances, identifying these imbalances is the first step toward correcting them in order to maintain a long life of health and happiness through balancing the Doshas. One can also face imbalances in the other bodily Doshas, in fact, the likelihood of facing an imbalance in all of the three Doshas at some point in your life is very high.

This is because we possess a combination of all three of the Doshas in varying degrees. It is possible and highly likely that you have a dominant Dosha for the duration of your life, yet are still able to relate to one of the other specific Doshas from time to time.