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A Healthy Digestion Is A Hot Topic

As you are now aware from reading our previous blog articles, in Ayurveda, the essence of ideal health starts with proper digestion. Poor digestion and weak Agni can and does lead to a variety of issues within the body. These can (and often do) escalate into poor health conditions and illnesses if left unattended.

Our Dynamic Digestion And Our Doshas

What is less well known is that each Dosha is partnered with a particular digestive type. As mentioned in our previous blogs, in our Dosha’s system, specific qualities match with each of the Doshas. So, depending on how our dosha is made-up, we can all be left open to many types of digestive imbalances. These are totally influenced by our own unique Doshic makeup.

In their ancient wisdom, the Sages and Wisemen responsible for creating the Ayurveda that we know today. They identified and named the different digestive systems based on characteristics they saw were common in groups of people. These groups all had the same varieties of a specific digestive type. Therefore we have listed some of the digestive systems and their characteristics below.

Our Dynamic Digestive System

Vata Vikruti: Because this particular digestive system is characterised by being dry, cold and irregular.
Pitta Vikruti: This particular digestive system is therefore noted for being sharp, acidic and hot.
Kappa Vikruti: Because it’s both sluggish and heavy these are the recurring traits for this weak digestive system.
Because all Doshas balanced, a digestive system has no negative characteristics.
In Ayurveda, these four varieties are named and classified as Sama Agni, which means balanced. Besides Sama Agni, one also finds the following other types of digestive systems, each of which has an association with one of the various doshas: For Pitta, it’s Tikshna Agni, for Vata it’s Vishama Agni, and finally, for Kappa, it’s Manda Agni.

Don’t be in the Dark About Your Digestion

Undoubtedly many of you are wondering the relevance of this information?
Within the science of Ayurveda, the digestive system plays a pivotal role when it comes to the maintenance and support of one’s health. Often problems that affect our health and particular types of illnesses can be successfully averted, addressed or treated by maintaining the correct diet or adhering to a diet plan recommended or prescribed by an Ayurvedic Doctor or practitioner before they escalate into a medical condition that requires an Ayurveda treatment regime to heal.

How Your Agni And Your Doshas Work Together To Create A Balance

This explanation is meant to provide an element of guidance when it comes to your Agni, Doshas and Digestion. If you have what is defined as Sama Agni – its means your digestive fire is balanced and you should experience no digestive issues. Vishama Agni should make you aware that there is an excess of Vata affecting your digestive fire, which may result in excessive bloating or trapped gas. Tikshna Agni should highlight an excess of Pitta within your digestive fire, which is known to trigger sensations of constant hunger along with acidity. Manda Agni could be indicative of excessive Kappa, which is known to be responsible for weight gain and an unnaturally sluggish metabolism.

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