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10 Day Post COVID Recovery Rehab Programme

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A large number of patients who have recovered from covid -19 still report dealing with a variety of medical issues that didn’t affect them before. The most common medical complaints are:

  • 1. Shortness of breath
  • 2. Fatigue and weakness
  • 3. Headache
  • 4. Pulmonary issues
  • 5. Cough
  • 6. Hypertension
  • 7. Memory issues
  • 8. Skin rashes
  • 9. Fever
  • 10. Mental health issues
  • 11. Hair fall
  • 12. Poor control of diabetes
  • 13. Gastrointestinal problem
  • 14. Muscle and Joint pain
  • 15. Sleeplessness
  • 16. Chest pain or congestion

Even after recovering from Covid-19, scientific evidence indicates long term effects on pulmonary, neurological, autoimmune and cardiovascular functions that could lead to heart issues, multisystem inflammatory syndrome, thromboembolism, loss of taste/smell. In short, post covid19 patients may be heading towards a poorer quality of life.


IVAC is providing a holistic and comprehensive post covid -19 rehabilitation program based on AYUSH guidelines, aimed to help the patients who have recovered from covid-19 to regain their health back to pre-covid levels with increases in energy level, overall wellness and improve the quality of life. 

We do this with a proven treatment plan that begins with detoxification of the body from the side effects of the antibiotics, and antivirals through shodana chikitsa in Ayurveda.

This is followed by increasing the lung volume/capacity through pranayama, yoga, satkarmas.

Further, we apply shamana chikitsa for prevention, other complementary therapies include brimhana / rejuvenation therapies for fatigue, myalgia and stabilizing body vitals, Rasayana therapies for scarring/ fibrosis of lungs and meditation for relieving stress and insomnia.


Accommodation, treatments, food, doctors’ consultation, group yoga sessions
Pre-consultation: To identify Prakriti of body, pulmonary function and lung capacity.
Different forms of ayurvedic therapies would be prescribed by a doctor and performed by therapists.
Detox program / Panchakarma – The type of Panchakarma will be decided after a detailed consultation.
Advanced meditation and pranayama would be taught to increase vitality and focus of the mind.
Health orientation lectures, dietary guidance as per your body type and advice to lead a balanced lifestyle.

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