Clear Your Environment To Clear Your Mind

Clear your mind – Maintaining a clear and uncluttered, peaceful state of being and surrounding environment is something that sounds easy enough on paper yet actually takes a fairly significant amount of effort in order to cultivate it as a habit however once it has become habitual through practice the benefits are manifold and become a constant source of reward.

Maintaining a clean inner and outer space initially means not acting on impulse when it comes to diet, it means giving a second thought when it comes to what food you allow yourself to consume, it means dedicating a focus on eating more Sattvic foods in a pure a state as possible and trying to make gradual changes to your way of eating and your lifestyle by following some of the guidelines we have discussed in our previous blogs.

Maintaining a clean environment also means thinking positive thoughts as opposed to negative ones, and keeping your home and work environments clean and tidy. Personally speaking I mind that when I set myself the task of giving my home a thorough deep clean, I discover that unknowingly, I’ve accumulated quite a number of things, some of which are useful and I need or can make use of and quite a few that are of no use to me, and it’s almost as if they are sentient and have just slipped into my environment unnoticed. This can make the start of the task of cleaning up and clearing out seems fairly daunting at first, with no finish line in sight.

Suddenly you become aware of hidden crevices filled with unnecessary and unwanted items that have accumulated over time, in much the same way that hidden emotions can sneak into the back of your mind if you aren’t being fully attentive and in tune with your thoughts.

Whilst cleaning a home or any space you inhabit may seem overwhelming and downright daunting (which is also applicable to old and outdated emotions that serve no positive purpose), I often find myself heaving a massive sigh of relief at how good it feels to be in a cleaned, orderly uncluttered space.

This same sense of relief come about when I am able to identify negative emotions and thought patterns through continual observation by meditating on them and studying spiritual texts, hereby finding the knowledge in profound ways to and putting it into practice in order to gain mastery over some portions of the mind

Keeping your surrounding areas clean and organised by doing a little bit of cleaning daily is one of the easiest ways to ensure that you don’t get a build up of clutter. The same can be applied to mental clarity  and positivity, by ensuring you do a little bit of positive affirmation each day and allow some time to focus on your gratuity, you start the process of mental clarity and positivity, and once begun, there is no looking back

Are you aware that we as humans have anywhere from 12,000 to 60,000 individual thoughts per day, That alone is a staggering idea, what’s even more intriguing is that about ninety-six percent of those thoughts are exactly the same thoughts as we had the previous day, we are truly creatures of habit? What’s even more alarming is that over sixty percent of our thoughts are of a negative nature. This is a frightening statistic in one considers that energy follows thought, and is responsible for shaping our world and the influencing and creating the spaces around us that we inhabit!

Luckily there are quite a few things we can do from a behavioural point of view to make sure that we aren’t boxing ourselves into these self-made capsules of negativity.

The first and foremost should be to make sure we are attending to our physical health. The practice of yoga is ideal for this, as not only does it keep us physically healthy, it also helps to keep our heads clear and free of repetitive negative thoughts. The very word yoga means “union” in Sanskrit. Ask any yoga practitioner what they think about when going through their asanas and they will all say the same thing, Nothing at all, they are fully absorbed in and by that moment.

Another way to ensure that your house, home or office energize you rather than creates a drain on your levels of energy, it to arrange your appropriate space taking into consideration the ancient Ayurvedic science of Vaastu, the art of placement.

Yes of course you will feel refreshed  if you walk into a home that has just undergone a serious spring clean, but can you imagine how invigorated you would feel if every item in the area had been placed in a specific location to maximise the energy flow that inhibits that area and capitalise on light, space and the function of the area as a whole.

To recap, our levels of energy and our tendency to have more positive and creative thoughts occur regularly and easily if we are in an environment that is clear, clean and uncluttered. Much the same as when our bodies and minds are calm, healthy and uncluttered, positive thoughts come to us more easily and actions of a positive nature become entrenched in our being.


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