pitta characteristics - Traits And Characteristics Of Predominantly Pitta People.

This post discusses with the physical characteristics of individuals who have a bodily system predominately influenced and governed by the Pitta Dosha.

People who predominantly have Pitta Dosha are physically the type of individuals who obtain muscle definition easily, with a single workout able to make a difference. Naturally athletic with bodies of medium build, they are neither overly muscular or too lanky. Thier hair tends to be on the oily side and is prone to early greying or baldness.

They are also characterised by an oily skin which is prone to breakouts. Often both their skin and hair will have a reddish tint that becomes more pronounced with sun exposure. Profuse sweaters who become overheated quickly and easily, they are often most comfortable in air-conditioned areas. Their bodies are often marked with freckles or moles and skin that burns easily with sun exposure. Pitta’s are also prone to suffer from rashes, psoriasis or rosacea

Mentally highly driven by the tendency to push themselves, Pitta dominant individuals often show an interest in law, fitness, science, business and finance or anything results driven and achievement oriented. They enjoy structure in their lives and have highly organised minds. They are often found in positions of leadership due to their natural domineering personalities. At times their drive toward success can become excessive and irrational.

Pitta’s have a tendency to become overly demanding, overly controlling and impatient with other individuals. Some are prone to physical and mental or adrenal burn out or fatigue because of their perfectionist characteristics.