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The Incredible Ayurveda Diet For The Vata Dosha

Optimising An Ayurveda Diet For Your Predominant Vata Dosha

We know that every person has a predominant dosha. This is due to various factors like age,  your external environment, your current state of health along with a variety of other circumstances.  Due to this, over time, one dosha (either the Pitta, Kapha or Vata Dosha)  gains predominance over the body (although this can change over time and a different dosha will become predominant). Planning your meals and eating according to an Ayurveda Diet plan that supports your dominant dosha can seriously enhance your health and support your immunity. An eating plan focused on the Vata Dosha in Ayurveda would include foods that are grounding and building, easily digested, moist, warming and nourishing. Within the body and digestive process, Vata is balanced by sweet, salty and sour tastes, while being aggravated by pungent, astringent and bitter tastes.

Various Traits Of Vata Dosha Individuals

Individuals who possess a predominant dosha generally tend to be creative types, with a dynamic abundance of energy, which makes them seem to be perpetually “on the go” and constantly involved in new projects or endeavours. Individuals with a predominant Vata Dosha tend to be highly creative and are more prone to thinking outside of the box rather than following conventional thinking. It should come as no surprise then that an Ayurveda Diet regime formulated for Vata types consists of high energy providing foods that are exceptionally nourishing

A Balanced Meal For The Vata Dosha

An ideally balanced meal for individuals with a dominant Vata constitution who follow an Ayurveda diet would consist primarily (approximately fifty per cent) of whole grain carbohydrates, food items such as rice, oats, wheat, chappatis etc. An equal serving size of a protein and lightly cooked vegetables (forty percent of the plate)  such as tofu, lentils, mung beans. And a serving of sweet or cooked fruit that makes up the last 10 percent of the plate portion. A moderate portion of dairy can be consumed with each meal. As a general guideline, Vata foods should not be light, dry, crunchy, cold or raw. They should also be easily digestible and not produce excess gas.


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