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Dharma, The Great Law

The Wheel That Turns for All

Many of the great spiritual healing traditions and customs taught on the subcontinent of India and beyond are founded on the natural theories and laws of Dharma. Dharma (which is a Sanskrit word ) correlates… Read the rest

Warm Water Helps Healing

Nowadays, it seems that every health magazine or wellness program reminds us to drink plenty of water, but few mention warm water. Daily we are told how important it is to drink enough water as part of a healthy lifestyle. From staying … Read the rest

Your Sheath Of Pure Bliss

In today’s blog post we will be discussing the last of five Koshas, known in Yoga as the Anandamaya Kosha, or as the Spiritual or Bliss Body.

Once you have reached the state where you have grown and expanded beyond all of your koshas,… Read the rest

Digestive Disorders

There are various digestive disorders that affect some unlucky people throughout their lives, while some of these gastric afflictions can be healed, while others can only be managed to the point that they are no longer a source of constant Read the rest

Ayurveda and Meditation

By definition, meditation is a practice whereby an individual, through a certain technique or practice, ( such as focusing on a particular object or the repetition of a Mantra), manages to achieve an emotionally calm and mentally clear stateRead the rest

One Body With Two Brains?

As discussed in our previous blogs, Agni (your digestive fire) controls more than just your physical digestion, it also plays a pivotal role in the way you deal with, or digest your emotions.

We have all heard the phrase ” That person is… Read the rest

Ayurveda And Time Management

Within western society, time is a thing or something that we are granted every day yet seldom or never seem to have enough of to spare. Spent in countless ways we seemingly use up most if not all of our accorded time, and yet not always in ways that… Read the rest

The Agony Of Back Pain

A slipped disc herniation is more commonly known as a slipped disc, a common condition that affects the intervertebral discs of the spinal column. It is one of the many conditions that can affect the spinal column, others can include thinning… Read the rest

Not Just a Color Run?

Many countries have started colour runs and colour festivals.
What few realise is the origins of these colour runs is the Hindu of Holi, known as the Festival of Colours. Traditionally celebrated in the twelfth month in the Hindu calendar on… Read the rest

The Fire Of Perfect Health

Agni is the ayurvedic for the biological digestive fire that is responsible for the governance of our metabolic system. When our agni becomes impaired due to a tridoshic imbalance, our metabolisms are immensely affected by it. It inevitably… Read the rest

A Blending Of Fire And Water

In Ayurveda, the second Dosha is known as Pitta or Pitta Dosha and is comprised of the Fire and Water elements within the body. Pitta is known to be hot, liquid, light, sharp and oily, much like the elements of Fire and Water. It is predominantly… Read the rest

Ether And Air Combined

In Ayurveda, we know that there are three Doshas. Today we will be discussing the first Dosha, namely Dosha Vata, which is the Dosha comprised of Ether and Air. This Dosha is cold, dry, light mobile and rough, much the same as the energies of Ether… Read the rest