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Anti Ageing Benefits with Ayurveda

Did you know that the anti ageing industry was worth a staggering $250 billion in 2016? That isn’t just the cosmetics and beauty industries that market and sell instant fresh-faced youth, that is literally only the anti ageing industry. Since the times that the ancient civilizations walked the earth, we humans have pursued an obsession with retaining a youthful appearance.

The Things We Do Avoid Ageing

Anti-ageing has created some strange and unusual practices over the years. From bathing in goat’s milk to facial treatments that contain swallow droppings as an ingredient. The lengths that some people will go to stay looking young is mind-boggling. Did you know that more than 13 million hospital procedure took place in Brazil in 2016; with face-lifts and breast augmentation leading the way? First of all, I want to make something clear while writing on this topic, there is no sense of judgement or scorn. An adult may do whatever they feel is right for them in the pursuit of youth and beauty.

Ivac Ayurvedic Hospital India

But consider this? What if there were natural methods of slowing or reversing the ageing process. Who hasn’t gone to open a bottle of milk only to find its gone off and turned rancid? That the bacteria in the milk have built up and it’s become rotten and unappealing? Ayurveda and specifically Panchakarma find this example extremely useful when it comes to the decline of vitality and a person’s accelerated ageing.

Ivac Ayurvedic Hospital India
Massage Can Help Us To Relax And Build Up Endorphind

Agni, Ama And Anti Ageing

Throughout our dietary process, we make use of our different doshas and our gastric fire or “Agni” to consume the correct foods for our tridoshic balance and process them in the most beneficial way using our Agni. When our doshas become unbalanced and our gastric fire is affected it results in the accumulation of “Ama”, a toxin that accumulates throughout the body.

Ageing at a slower pace with Panchakarma

Due to this excessive Ama in the body leads to a variety of distresses. One of the core concepts of Panchakarma is detoxification and through it rejuvenation. Because Panchakarma cleanses both the large and small channels of the body (called shrotas). It removing toxins from the tissues and organs. It completely rejuvenates the physiology, mind, emotions, and spirit.


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