Indus Valley Accommodation

IVAC is set perfectly in Mysore’s peaceful environment. The centre has a clear focus on rejuvenation and cure, which is in perfect accord with the surroundings where the air is fresh, pure and invigorating – the perfect choice for a health and leisure break. At IVAC, all features are designed to gently soothe, relax and put you at total ease.

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The project plan of IVAC is entirely based on Vastu, the ancient Indian antecedent to Feng Shui, which gives the healing process a whole new dimension. Vaastu finds its source in the five elements, which originate from a single source, each having a defined characteristic. The balance of these characteristics encourages a flow of harmonious energy through all structures and guests. This sense of wellness, peace and equilibrium can be experienced at IVAC at all times.

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