Abhyanga 1030x423 - Abhyanga - The Massage Inspired By The Four Armed God Of Healing

In terms of Ayurvedic massages, the Abhyanga massage, performed by two professional Ayurvedic massage therapists has a great variety of health benefits. During the process of the Abhyanga massage, the two ayurvedic practitioners will gently warm the oil that is going to be used for the massage, then infuse it with a selection of herbs that have been specially chosen for your Dosha, once the oil is warmed and infused it is then applied to the body’s vital energy channels employing a specific method designed to increase your Pranic life force.

The massage is known to stimulate the drainage of your lymphatic system, removing toxins and creating a reduction in stress. During the massage, most of the areas of the body are focused on, including the feet, the head, the stomach, the hands and legs, and the shoulders, neck and back. Once the ayurvedic therapists have completed the massage you sit in a steam bath in order to facilitate the flushing out and removal of waste which has been stored at a cellular level. There is no showering or bathing allowed once you have had the massage and steam in order to allow the oil to remain on your skin for at least 24 hours in order for it to allow for maximum benefits and absorption into the skin.

The Abhyanga massage is a synchronous full body treatment performed by two ayurvedic therapists. The two practitioners massage your body at the same time for double the bliss, anointing the body with medicinal oils to nurture and purify all of the bodily tissues, in Ayurveda these tissues are called dhatus. This four-handed massage is representative of the compassionate four-armed God of Health, Lord Dhanvantari, the Hindu god of medicine and Lord of Ayurvedic medicine.

No other healing tradition practices a massage that can compare with the Abhyanga massage technique. It is a treatment that combines all the levels for the individual, from the most subtle spiritual level to the most intensely physical one.

Some of the many benefits of abhyanga include the following: The release of toxins stored in the body, the unblocking of the body’s energy channels. It also creates a relaxed sense of self and enhances breathing and prana. It greatly decreases muscle stiffness and releases muscular tension. It’s known to improve the digestive system and is proven to reduce anxiety while rejuvenating the body, mind and spirit.