A New Way of Life That Isn’t Slowing Down.

Nowadays, more and more people across the world are opting for a new way of life through Vegetarian, Vegan or a Plant-Based way of eating.

The Indus Valley Ayurveda Center has always placed careful attention to the preparation of food and with it the dietary principles of Ayurvedic cooking, allowing us to serve up some of the most delicious and nutritious vegetarian meals.

We here at Indus Valley Ayurvedic Centre offer an Ayurvedic Cooking Course which includes all of the essentials you would need to know, from the basic knowledge of Ayurvedic dietetics to the practical application of learning and perfecting well over a dozen Ayurvedic vegetarian traditional recipes.

Throughout the duration of the cooking course, you will discover how to cook and create a variety of delicious vegetarian meals. These meals are both tri-doshic ( meaning that they balance all of the bodies doshas) and are also targeted at balancing the specific doshas, namely Pitta, Kapha and Vata.

Over and above all of this you will also learn the following;

Some tips and tricks for making Ayurvedic meals for busy people

The six different tastes and their direct effect on your bodies doshas

The difference between organic materials when compared with natural

Medicinal Food and the therapeutic use of vegetables and spices to detoxify the body

Which types of food combinations can create toxins

The use of spices and their different medicinal values, and how to create your own personal dosha balancing spice mixtures.

The role of Agni and what exactly your digestive fire can do.

A variety of different weight balancing tips based on your predominant doshas.

How to make delicious ghee, and homemade yoghurt, paneer, or lassi.

How to make flatbreads that are neither gluten or yeasted.

How to create western-style Ayurvedic recipes including pesto, pasta, main courses and desserts.

The different types of Ayurvedic Cooking Utensils.

The Spiritual and nutritional science of Ayurvedic eating.

Each of the classes consists of a hands-on learning technique and a demonstration for preparing a simple yet healthy recipe that can form part of your everyday cooking routine.

Sign up for our Ayurvedic cooking course today, or make it a gift for someone you know or love, and immerse yourself in the new worldwide movement of vegetarianism or meatless eating, and bring about a balance to your mind, body and soul.


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