doshas lines v 2 - A Blending Of Fire And Water

In Ayurveda, the second Dosha is known as Pitta or Pitta Dosha and is comprised of the Fire and Water elements within the body. Pitta is known to be hot, liquid, light, sharp and oily, much like the elements of Fire and Water. It is predominantly concentrated in the bodily areas of the blood, the liver, the stomach and gallbladder, the spleen and the small intestinal tract.

The Pitta Dosha is responsible for all transformations that occur within the body, these include the digestion of food, the metabolic functions, and the absorption of nutrients within the body. Pitta occurs in the body as the digestive enzymes that occur in the small intestinal tract and also as the hydrochloric pepsin that is found in the stomach which is responsible for assisting your body with the breaking down of foodstuffs that have been consumed.

Pitta is also found as bile in the liver and as haemoglobin in the bloodstream. The bodies natural way of removing excessive quantities of pitta is through sweating, hence the reason it’s so important to sweat on a regular basis in order to remove excess Pitta. This can be done through exercise or a sweatbox or sauna.

Pitta is also responsible for the governance of digestion and appetite, the metabolic rate and the absorption and assimilation of nutrients within the body, taste and thirst, the regulation of body temperature, the creation of skin and food sensitivities and intolerances, and the dullness or lustre of hair, skin and nails.
Pitta is also responsible for courage and determination, along with the character traits of ambition and intelligence.

When the physical body has a Pitta imbalance symptoms manifest in these areas. Examples of which include the sensation of being constantly hot, excessive release of foul-smelling sweat, premature greying of the hair or balding, compromised eyesight or loss of vision, the overproduction of bile couple and acid reflux. Hyperacidity and malfunctions within the liver, hypersensitivity to light and the yellowing of the skin and eyes.

Within the digestive system, an imbalance of Pitta will manifest in the occurrence or ulcers and heartburn. It can also manifest as chronic diarrhoea.
Within the mind, one can see a Pitta imbalance manifest as excessive bouts of anger and frustration, over competitiveness and stress. Irritability, impatience and self-centred narcissism, along with irrational or rationalised hatred and mental burnout.