Yoga Nidra

yoga_nidraIt is sleeping like state with the awareness and conscious of the body and the mind.

It is the lucid sleeping state which gives the deepest possibility of relaxation while still maintaining full consciousness.

It also refers to the state of deep sleep referred in the Upanishads.

One appears to be sleeping but the unconscious mind is functioning at a deeper level: it is sleep with a trace of deep awareness. In normal sleep we lose track of our self but in yoga nidra, while consciousness of the world is dim and relaxation is deep, there remains an inward lucidity and experiences may be absorbed to be recalled later. Since yoga nidra involves an aimless and effortless relaxation it is often held to be best practiced with an experienced yoga teacher who verbally delivers instructions.

The practitioner begins by quieting the overactive conscious mind, then moves into a meditative state.

DRT – Deep Relaxation Tecnique. ; Shortened form of Yoga Nidra.

In this practice the person allowed to lie down on the back in Shavasana.

Instructions will be gives to relax the whole body from the toes till to the head region mentioning each and every part.

It includes the chanting of A-U-M kara sounds which gives resonance effect to the body which helps to heal the body.

Yoga Nidra gives total relaxation to the mind and body .The person will feel released out from the stress and tensions he had after the practice.

It gives the relaxation to the five layers of the body and helps out the take tiredness from the deep root.

Thus helping the individual to restore ones own harmony with mind body and emotions.