Shiroabhyanga – Head, Neck, and Shoulder Massage


This 15 minute treatment is far from the ordinary head and shoulder massage. Utilizing specific marma points on the head and ears to circulate prana, it works on enhancing vibrational body. Warm herbal oil with a sequence of specific massage strokes help to open up the channels in the head and neck.  In this treatment one sits easily in an upright position while one therapist gives the treatment. This is recommended for improving the senses, improves mental clarity, memory, and concentration. It also helps to alleviate a tight neck and shoulders, stimulates the scalp to detoxify the hair follicles thereby reducing baldness and premature graying.  It also helps to soothe the eyes, ears, and head. It is a relaxing and enjoyable treatment.  


Insomnia, Brings sound sleep, Cooling to the eyes, Headache, Removes dandruff, Pre-mature graying & hair loss, Profoundly soothing and relaxing.