Padaabhyanga – Foot and Leg Massage Therapy


This is a very thorough and invigorating treatment that includes marma points, acupressure points and specialized massage techniques using ghee (clarified butter)  to the feet and lower leg.   By activating the points on the feet all the organs of the body are enlivened and prana circulated through the system.  This treatment is excellent in helping to cool and enhance the eye sight, improve digestion, alleviates restless leg syndrome, increase fertility,  alleviate fatigue, especially in the feet, and increases overall circulation.


Improves the eyes, Soothing and cooling to the eyes, Alleviates burning of the eyes, Induces deep sleep, Improves luster of the skin, Smoothens cracked skin of the feet, Hyper tension, Relieves tiredness of the feet.

Duration: 30 minutes