meditationMeditation simply means the state of awareness with out the presence of thought, just pure and calm feel of the mind and emotions.

Meditation is not something that should be done in a particular position at a particular time. It is a witness that must persist throughout the day in all activities. If u observe your body, mind emotions with out reacting to it that it self becomes meditation. U can be in that that while even in eating, talking, walking with constant observation of whats happening to the one self.

Meditation will drop all the masks. It is the search for the original face of truth. This is not exactly calming down the mind but it is but it is a way of entering in to the quite that is already present.

While practicing meditation there no need of any competition with anybody. Each has got his own journey. You are yourself.

Meditation is not to get anything. But it is to get rid of anger, anxiety, fear, stress.

As Swami Vivekananada says each soul is potentially divine, mediation helps to explore ones own self, thus realizing the divinity with in us and to serve the humanity.

Meditation is simple exercise in resting in the natural state of your present mind, and allowing yourself to be simply and clearly present to whatever thoughts, sensations, or emotions occur.

Meditation is the tools for removing out the negative illusory state of dreams,desires,past,future and just being in the present.And to be utterly in the movement with no thought is the reality.

It is not really putting efforts on the mind. It is not effort at all. It is just allowing the mind to have own way and not interfering in any way what so ever ,just being remaining watchful and witnessing.

Meditation  is the methodology to know who you are and what’s your potential. It connects the individual being happiness content with the universal content.

Some famous types of mediation are : Om mediation, Transcendal mediation,Dynamic Meditation,Vipassana Mediation,Kundalini Mediation,Chakra Mediation.