Ayurveda and Clinical Research

Ashwini Mathur apty states that “reported lack of efficacy of Ayurvedic treatments in clinical trialsis often not due to inefficacy of the treatments itself, but arises from inadequacies of trial design. Ayurvedic interventions should exclusively use its multi-component, individualized and inherently holistic approach and that general guidelines for rigorously  reporting such clinical trials should be developed”

There are several methodologies to conduct good clinical trials.

  1. The CONSORT (CONsolidated Standards of Reporting) has released guidelines on reporting of trials using herbal products.
  2. The SPIRIT initiative  defines Standard Protocol Items for Randomized trials.
  3. In epidemiology, the STrengthening the Reporting of OBservational studies in Epidemiology (STROBE) statement simlarly aims to strengthen reporting of observational studies, while the Meta-analysis Of Observational Studies in Epidemiology (MOOSE) group has prepared checklists for meta-analysis of observational studies.
  4. Transparent Reporting of Evaluations with Non- randomized Designs (TREND) statements concern methods of research design to eliminate biases in non randomized studies.

Ayurveda would certainly benefit from similar guidelines. Ayurveda needs to take a giant leap forward to position itself alongside the modern medicine to be truly integrative. The benefits of Ayurveda is only being realized at the minuscule level world wide.  Proper presentation of Ayurveda to the world is the need of the hour.

IVAC is constantly striving to improve the standards of care and delivery of Ayurveda to the humanity at large through research and development.

IVAC’s Initiatives so far:

  • Developed a world class therapists training program. Our therapies have a consistent rating of 98% “EXCELLENT”, several years in a row.Developed designs for equipments: Massage tables, Steam units. Designs for Interiors, Panchakarma units and Vaastu based constructions.
  • Obtained ISO 9001-2008 Certification.
  • Our latest initiative is “GO GREEN”. This would create an organization, which would live up to the true Vedic heritage, non polluting, nature friendly, nurturing the nature and being nurtured.
  • Thousands of studies have been done showing the clinical efficacy of Ayurveda. The Rishis did not have laboratories to do such experiments, but through their profound intuition and level of sensitivity they understood plants and diseases at it’s fundamental level. Thus modern science is just validating what the sages of yore had already proven through their deep knowing of reality.