Chakra Nabi Basti – Navel Oil Bath

Ayurveda integrates all aspects of the individual; mind, body, and soul. This treatment supports the navel which is a major marma point connecting the thousands of vibrational channels of the body (nadis) which carry prana or life energy. It is also the seat of the 3rd chakra that influences will power and individual ego. On the physical level the treatment helps to reduce digestive and elimination problems. In this deeply profound treatment, one lays comfortably on a massage table while the therapists create a container made of dough that is placed over the navel. The container which has an open bottom is then filled with warm herbalized oil. The oil pulls out negative energy, physical toxins, and balances all the doshas. It is very soothing to the entire physiology while it open and balances the 3rd chakra.

30 minutes – 2 therapists

Indigestion, Constipation.