BioPlasmic Modulation Therapy (BPMT)

BPMT is a highly advanced comprehensive therapeutic solution using ancient wisdom of India. It is a combination of a number of methods established by Heritage Indian Sciences to synchronise a human body to a healthy condition. This system of medicine has been propagated and supported by the lineage of Agastya and the tradition of the 18 Siddhas.


BPMT is a system of medicine that produces changes in the human body through modulation of the BioPlasmic life force. BioPlasmic life force is the English equivalent of the word ojas (Sanskrit: ओजस). In this system of medicine,

various methods and mediums are used to modulate this BioPlasmic life force. (See Therapeutic Modalities below)

The development of BPMT is based on a yogic concept about Ojas and it’s stimulation in the body (Implementation of Vindujayam). The gross (Tamoguna) form of Ojas in our body is the power of reproduction and sexual energy.

BPMT can work independently as a standalone treatment system, or it can work as an augmentative support system alongside other systems of medicine without any undesired interference. The peculiarity of this system of medicine is that it does not require any internal medication to be administered to the patient; medicinal applications are instead applied on specific marma points of the body. Medicinal applications only constitute herbal preparations and oils. With the help of special solutions, this method enables the medicines to directly enter the blood stream, and quickly move to the targeted area, thereby circumventing the digestive system which can potentially dilute the action of the medicine through chemical breakdown.

Special Packages:

# Programme Method Duration
1 UDBODHAN Basic programme to light your life

Each day represents different qualities in life related with universe.

  • Day 1 is for Prithvi (earth). The music, medicines for steam bath and all activities are related with the gross elementary form and effects in body.
  • Day 2 is for Aapa (water), and similarly uses related qualities for empowering the body.
  • Day 3 is for Agni (fire), and uses related qualities for empowering the body.
  • Day 4 is for Vayu (air), and uses related qualities for empowering the body.
  • Day 5 is for Akas (space/ether), and uses the related qualities for empowering the body and mind.
  • Day 6 is for Mind, and uses related qualities for empowering the 27 states of mind. (It is possible to only introduce the 27 states of mind in a 7 day course)
  • Day 7 is for inner light, and uses related qualities for empowering and refreshing whole body-mind ratio to get starting towards Nadabrahma practice, subtle tantric kriya, Rajayoga and more..
Sessions in a day :

  • Music empowering Traditional Movement therapy (using dance forms) -1
  • Medicated steam bath
  • Hadhayoga
  • Advanced de- stress programme
7 Days Avg 5 hours / day
2 PRATHYAHARA: Advanced residential programme. Nadabrahma meditation: Music meditation using various levels of instruments and vocal. 1 Month
3 Neuro refreshment Programme for entire relaxation.
  • 3S (Sensory stabilization sovereignty) Manonmani vijnana vidya
  • Sound energy transmission therapy
  • Yoga & Meditation (optional)
  • Abhyangam (optional)
7 /14 days
4 Neuro-mind refreshment programme for Therapeutic support & de-stress
  • 3S (Sensory stabilization sovereignty) Sound energy transmission therapy
  • Medicated whole body steaming
  • Nasyam
5 De-stress programmes (Weekend programme)
  • Morning yoga & music of the day, meditationRelaxation application
  • Therapeutic movement
  • Medicated steam bath
  • Music meditation
  • Abhyamgan (Optional)
2 days
6 Relaxation programme Live music support 3 days
7 Preventive care Programmes

1. Cardiac care (preventive & Post surgery care)

  • Using Natyayoga based movement therapy. CD/DVD Provided for further practice.
  • 3 days tuning and training sessions.
3 days
2. Arthritic & gen. health care
  • Daily yogaPrana and agni
  • (internal fire) control related with body quality
  • Therapeutic steam bath
  • Medicated back bone steaming.
  • Sound energy transmission therapy
  • Panchakarma (optional)
Yearly 21 days
8 Empowerment Programmes

1. Tantric Mandala Programme

  • Crystal empowering through sound energy control. Sreeyantra mandala empowering using 64 crystals
  • Basic sitting postures.
Full course 64 days Gen. course 8 days
2. Music empowerment
  • Sounds of five elementsUsing different quality instruments.
  • Sound energy neuro transmission methods.
7 days
3. Energy Showering programme
  • Empowering salt and salt bath.Crystal empowering through sound and light
  • Light therapy
  • Different yogic empowering sessions.
7/14 days
9 Koumudikriya & integrated programme (An exclusive women care programme)
  • Koumudikriya (7 days kriyayoga based programme)Gandhamadana kriya
  • (one kind of external application )
  • Relaxation programmes
  • Daily yoga
7/14 days
10 Special Back Bone therapy

For spine-related/back bone issues (eg. Spondylitis, Slip disc, back pain etc.)

  • STC (spinal tansmission correction)
  • BBR (Back bone rectification): as per necessity
  • Non-mechanical vibration therapy
  • Hot water /air massage
  • Abhyangam (as per necessity)
  • Panchakarma (Optional)
7/14 days